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Why the sky appears blue in colour?

Why the sky appears blue in colour?


2 Answers

Ruchi Shaw
askIITians Faculty 35 Points
7 years ago
The sky appears blue due to scattering phenomenon.When light moves through the atmosphere,longer wavelengths pass through it but shorter wavelengths are absorbed by the gas molecules present in the air (blue light has shorter wavelength as compared to others) .The absorbed blue light is then radiated in different directions and the color gets scattered everywhere and thus the sky appears blue.
Thanks & Regards,
Ruchi Shaw
askIITians Faculty
Mukesh Sharma
askIITians Faculty 43 Points
7 years ago
the blue coulor of sky is due to rayleigh scattering according to which scattering is inversly proportional to wavelength power 4 and hence blue light is of shorter wavelength there fore it scattered the most.
Thanks & Regards
Mukesh Sharma
askIITians Faculty

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