what is the function of Centrosomes???

what is the function of Centrosomes???


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7 years ago
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Centrosome, we also known as microtubule organising center, where cell microtubules are produced. These are found only in animal cells its main function is to help in the cell division of cell by making spindle, which is responsible for separating replicated chromosomes into two daughter cells.
Raheema Javed
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7 years ago
the centrosome is an organelle that is the main place where cell microtubules get organised. They occur only in animal cells. Also, it regulates the cell division cycle, the stages which lead up to cell division.Centrosomes are composed of two centrioles at right angles, surrounded by a shapeless mass of protein.
The centrosome is copied only once per cell cycle so that each daughter cell inherits one centrosome, containing two centrioles. The centrosome replicates during the interphase of the cell cycle. During the prophase of mitosis, the centrosomes migrate to opposite poles of the cell. The mitotic spindle then forms between the two centrosomes. Upon division, each daughter cell receives one centrosome.
Although centrosomes are not required for mitosis or survival of the cell, they are required for survival of the organism. Cells without centrosomes lack certain microtubules. With centrosome the cell division is much more accurate and efficient. Some cell types arrest in the following cell cycle when centrosomes are absent, though this doesn't always happen.

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