what are bacteria what are fungi what are protozons what are algae

what are bacteria
what are fungi
what are protozons
what are algae


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Bacteria constitute a large domain of prokaryotic microorganisms. Typically a few micrometres in length, bacteria have a number of shapes, ranging from spheres to rods and spirals.
A fungus is any member of the group of eukaryotic organisms that includes unicellular microorganisms such as yeasts and molds, as well as multicellular fungi that produce familiar fruiting forms known as mushrooms
In some systems of biological classification, the Protozoa are a diverse group of unicellular eukaryotic organisms. Historically, protozoa were defined as single-celled organisms with animal-like behaviours, such as motility and predation.
Algae is an informal term for a large, diverse group of eukaryotic organisms that are not necessarily closely related and are thus polyphyletic
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A virus is a small infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of other organisms. Viruses can infect all types of life forms, from animals and plants to microorganisms, including bacteria and archaea.
Fungi are eukaryotes and are heterotrophs that absorb (not ingest) their food. They secrete digestive chemicals into their environment, where the food is “digested”, after which they absorb the nutrients. Most fungi are multicellular (yeast are secondarily unicellular).
  1. a simple, non-flowering, and typically aquatic plant of a large assemblage that includes the seaweeds and many single-celled forms. Algae contain chlorophyll but lack true stems, roots, leaves, and vascular tissue.
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Nowadays five Kingdom classification is in process which is given by R.H WHITTAKAR.These kingdoms are Monera,protista,mycota,plantae, animalia.In monera Kingdom organisms like unicellular prokaryotic,parasitic and symbiotic,non photosynthetic organisms are kept.In this category bacteria is kept.Fungi is kept under mycota .In mycota organism like multicellular ,eukaryotic, non-photosynthetic ,saprophytic and symbiotic etc are kept.Protozoans are kept under protista Kingdom. In protista Kingdom unicellular ,eukaryotic ,photosynthetic or non-photosynthetic,flagellated or non- flagellated organisms are kept.Algae are kept under plantae kingdom.In plant Kingdom organisms like multicellular eukaryotic,photosynthetic or autotropic organisms are kept.

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