Taj Mahal is threatened due to effect of- a. Chlorine b. Sulphur dioxide c. Oxygen d. Hydrogen

Taj Mahal is threatened due to effect of-
a. Chlorine
b. Sulphur dioxide
c. Oxygen
d. Hydrogen

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Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 60782 Points
one year ago
Acid rain consists of highly acidic droplets of water attributable to air pollution, in particular the excessive amounts of sulphur and nitrogen released by automobiles and production processes from the atmosphere. Complete answer: > Option A is incorrect. Frequent chlorine exposure in air can affect the animal’s immune system, skin, heart, and respiratory system. Chlorine does no damage to the climate. Chlorine is particularly harmful to water- and soil-living species. > Option B is correct. Mathura oil refinery hazard to Taj Mahal is caused by polluting gases consisting of sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, and nitrogen oxides. The salts dissolve in water with calcium sulphate (CaSO4) and calcium nitrate (Ca(NO3)2). As a result, Taj Mahal's marble will get corroded and lose its lustre due to its reaction to atmospheric acid gases or acid rain. > Option C is incorrect. Oxygen influences climate, since it forms a significant fraction of the mass of the atmosphere. Reducing the amounts of oxygen thinners, the atmosphere, allowing more sunlight to reach the surface of the Earth. This extra sunlight allows more moisture to evaporate from the soil, increasing the amount of water vapour in the air. > Option D is incorrect. Hydrogen emissions contribute to increased methane and ozone pressures and, ultimately, to a rise in global warming. Hydrogen may therefore be considered as an indirect greenhouse gas which has the potential to increase global warming. Hence, The correct answer is option (B). Note: Acid rain is very detrimental to livestock, to plants and to animals. It washes away all nutrients that are important for plant growth and survival. It causes animal and human respiratory problems, destroys the buildings and monuments made of stones and metals.

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