How many national parks are there in Karnataka? A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 6

How many national parks are there in Karnataka?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

Grade:12th pass

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Pawan Prajapati
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one year ago
The state of Karnataka is well known for its diversity in wildlife as well as for its wide variety of plant species. The western region of the state is considered as a Biodiversity hotspot. Complete Answer: Karnataka has five National Parks, 18 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 9 Bird Sanctuaries. This extensive presentation of wildlife, the state attracts numerous tourists throughout the year and presents perfect photographic panorama. The five National Parks are as follows: Bandipur National Park: This park is a major Tiger Reserve of the country. It is located about 204km away from the city of Bangalore and spreads over an area of 874 sq. km. It is the habitat of animals like tigers, Indian elephants, dung beetles, vipers and others. This park is an important site for activities like research, species monitoring, habitat management and education. Bannerghatta National Park: This park is located at 24km away from the south of Bangalore city and covers an area of 107 sq. km of land. Indian Leopard, Golden Jackal and Wild Bear are the major kind of animals present in the park. Anshi National Park: This park is located 509 km from the Bangalore city and spreads across 340 sq. km. Important animal species found in this park are Bonnet Macaque, Malabar Giant Squirrel, deer, Bison and sloth bear. Wild animals like leopards, tigers, elephants and reptiles like snakes and vipers are found here. There are 197 bird species in the park. Kudremukh National Park: This National Park is situated 350 km away from the city of Bangalore and covers an area of 600 sq. km. Bengal Tiger, sloth bear, Lion Tailed Macaque, Sambar and Porcupine are the major animals here. This park presents picturesque views in the months of November to May. Nagarhole National Park: This park has a wide variety of Teak and Rosewood trees. Major animals of this park are Barking deer, four horned antelope, Indian leopard and Asiatic Wild Dog. This park is located 236 km away from Bangalore. Hence, option ‘C. 5’ is the correct answer. Note: Karnataka thus presents a rich network of national parks and wildlife reserves. It attracts many tourists from in and around the country. Thus tourism is an important part of the economy of the state of Karnataka.

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