A non metal that burns in air at room temperature

A non metal that burns in air at room temperature


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Harishwar IIT Roorkee
askIITians Faculty 50 Points
8 years ago
Hi Student

Non-metals react with oxygen in the air to produce non-metal oxides. Here are two examples for the non-metals carbon and sulphur.

Carbon burns in air to form carbon dioxide:

carbon + oxygen → carbon dioxide

Sulphur burns in air to form sulphur dioxide:

sulphur + oxygen → sulphur dioxide
Debartha Paul
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8 years ago
There is only one non-metal that burns in air at roo temperature. It is sodium (Na). Sodium Reacts with the oxygen of the air at room temperature to form Sodium hydrooxide.
Abhiraj Singh Rathore
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8 years ago
Carbon and Sulphur
shubham sharda
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8 years ago
sodium is not a non metal sir, its metal.
Nikhil kumar
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8 years ago
carbon and sulphur burn in air at room  temp.
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7 years ago
Potassium is the non metal who auto burn in free state ie; presence of air.
Amay chugh
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7 years ago
Mr amresh sharma Potassium(atomic number=19) is a metal it is just placed below the sodium metal in the first group of the modern periodic table it
mayank aggrawal
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3 years ago
 phosphurus is the non metal which burns at room temperature and sodium is the only metal which burns at roo temperature
Sayantan Garai
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3 years ago
As Fluorine is the most reactive non metal, it may react with Oxygen at room temperature. F has the highest electronegativity.
But metals like Li, Na and K reacts with oxygen at room temperature. I'm not sure if non metals react in this manner.
But Fluorine has a very high probability. 
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3 years ago
There is only one non-metal that burns in air at roo temperature. It is sodium (Na). Sodium Reacts with the oxygen of the air at room temperature to form Sodium hydrooxide

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