Write in brief about shopping complexes and malls?

Write in brief about shopping complexes and malls?

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Pawan Prajapati
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one year ago
Hint: In these modern times, it can be seen that multi complex buildings are being constructed in urban areas that aim at providing all the basic needs of people at one particular place without the need of roaming around the maret places for the same. Complete answer: Shopping complexes and malls are mostly large buildings found in urban areas that consist of almost all kinds of shops of basic needs at different floors of the building. These buildings are air-conditioned and multi-storeyed. Shops with both branded and non-branded items are found in shopping complexes and shopping malls but mostly shops selling branded goods are present in these malls. Grocery, clothing, shoes, bags, kitchen tools, bathing tools, baby items all can be found in these shopping complexes and malls. This is one of main advantages of these complexes that everything that a common man needs in day to day life can be purchased from these malls and thus, helps in avoiding the hustle bustle of the market places. In addition to the shops selling the basic necessities of life, these shopping complexes and malls have now introduced gaming centers for kids and food courts as well. People are seen visiting these complexes on holidays for family gatherings, lunches and dinners. It helps people to relax and relieve their stress. Kids come along with their parents and enjoy the toy rides and play games. Apart from all these advantages, there is one main disadvantage of these complexes and malls, that is the items brought there are usually costly and can’t be afforded by everyone. Note:Shopping complexes and shopping malls have eased the life of people particularly of those who are very well off. It helps people in saving their time while shopping for their day to day needs.

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