What is meant by hetetrophic nutrition and explain?

What is meant by hetetrophic nutrition and explain?


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Umakant biswal
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6 years ago
dear raja 
its a form of nutrition in which organism are dependent on other organism to obtain food , such organism which depend on other organism for food , are known as heterotrophic nutrition . 
or simply u can say a mode of nutrition in which organism take in ready made food from plant are called as heterotrophic mode of nutrition . 
suhani dutta
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5 years ago
Heterotrophic nutrition is organisms who do not prepare their own food is called heterotrophic nutrition for example humans and animals 
Francis Reddy
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5 years ago
there are 2 types of nutrition autotrophic and heterotrophic.
the mode of nutrition in which an organism depends on another organism for food is called heterotrophic nutrition.
there are 4 types in heterotrophic nutrition :-
Scholr Boy
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5 years ago
Use Scholr for solving doubts
Heterotrophic nutrition is nutrition obtained by digesting organic compounds prepared by other plants or animal tissues. All animals and non-green plants cannot make their own food; hence they depend on others directly or indirectly for their food supply. They are called heterotrophs. They break down the complex compounds into simpler forms. Simply put, heterotrophs have to depend on other sources for their survival. They lack chlorophyll and thus cannot perform photosynthesis. Essentially heterotrophic mode of nutrition is further subdivided into three groups called as: Holozoic, Saprophytic and Parasitic nutrition. A brief description of these divisions is mentioned below.

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