How were the empires different from kingdoms?

How were the empires different from kingdoms?

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Pawan Prajapati
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Hint:We will discuss the difference between empire and kingdom.The ruler of the Empire is an Emperor if male empress is a female emperor is considered to be having more power than the King because he can control over a large geographical area different states and regions can also be controlled by kings. Complete answer: Let us differentiate.Empires were different from kingdoms. Empires were larger in size and hence they required more Army to protect them and more resources to govern them. area of land which consists of many kingdoms but one king on the other hand Kingdom is a small piece of land which is ruled by one king and Empire are larger than kingdoms.Empire group of countries controlled by one ruler or government. the king is a ruler of an independent country and has the royal family. Kingdom is a country ruled by a king or a queen Empire group of countries under one ruler. The Empire is ruled by an Emperor whereas The Kingdom is ruled by a king. Empires can come into power by inheritance or a conquest. Kingdom is the region state or a country ruled by a king or queen. A queen is a ruler when there is no male heir in the royal family. Note:Empires for example Roman empire, British Empire, Mughal Empire. Examples of kingdom are in countries of the United Kingdom pain and Nepal Kingdom. Kingdom ruled by one king is called Monarchy.Kingdom which has many Kings is known as oligarchy. Kingdom ruled by two people is called a biarchy.

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