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How does plant breathe ??

How does plant breathe ??


6 Answers

Ruchir Tripathi
19 Points
5 years ago
Plants breathe through small pores called stomata. Plants only take CO2 through stomata, rest O2 and H2 is released by the photolysis of water which is done in the light reaction which takes place in the grana.
Anurag anand
38 Points
5 years ago
Through the tiny ppres present on th leaves called the stomata.The Carbondioxide gas is taken through this stomata.These stomata are surrounded by guard cell which control their opening and closing.
Shreyas Patil
132 Points
5 years ago
they breathe through tiny pores present on leaves called as stomata. CO2 is taken in and oxygen is given out. Hope it helps.           Thanx.
733 Points
5 years ago
Plants breathe through stomata which are tiny pores present mainly on the leaf. Through this stomata the gaseous exchange take place. Their opening and closing is controlled by guard cells.
105 Points
4 years ago
Plants breaths through the openings in the stomata present not only in the leaves but also different parts of the plant.
14 Points
4 years ago
Plants breathe through holes present in their leaves called stomataand also a tissue called epidermal these epidermal cell encloses stomata and helps in the diffusion of gases

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