Flowchart of Delhi Sultanate.

Flowchart of Delhi Sultanate.

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Pawan Prajapati
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We will discuss Delhi sultanate.Following are characteristics of empires before them: the emergence of numerous small states, lack of political unity,absence of centralised leadership andthe feudal set up of the society.This caused quick victory of the Arabs and the Turks under Mahmud Ghazni and Muhammad hori in the eleventh and twelfth centuries respectively. Complete answer: There were five successive dynasties of the Turkish origin who ruled India from AD to AD. These dynasties were the Slave, Khalji. Tughluq, Sayyid and Lodi Dynasties.Delhi Sultanate-Its Span and Sequence of Rulers and their periods.Together the rule of the above mentioned dynasties is called the Delhi Sultanate. Its span of time was three hundred twenty years of rule from AD to AD. 1. The Slave Dynasty (to) : Qutab ud-din Aibak , Iltutmish ; Razia Sultana; Ghiyas-ud-Din Balban were its main rulers. 2. Khilji Dynasty (AD - AD): Ala ud-Din Khalji was the principal ruler of this dynasty. 3. Tughluq Dynasty (AD - AD) : Ghiyas-ud-Din Tughluq , Muhammad bin Tughluq , Firuzshah Tughluq . 4. Sayyid Dynasty ( AD - AD) : Khizr Khan ,Mubarak Shab , Muhammad Shah and Ala-ud-Din Alam Shah were its main rulers. 5. Lodhi Dynasty ( AD- AD): Bahlol Lodhi , Sikandar Lodhi , Ibrahim Lodhi were its main rulers. Note: Delhi Sultanate is an empire which was established only in the thirteenth century .Its span of time was three hundred twenty years of rule from AD to AD.This flowchart could be used to learn in easy steps .

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