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Explain why there is no waste in a forest.

Explain why there is no waste in a forest.


8 Answers

Karan Malhotra
34 Points
7 years ago

The wastes produced in the forests like dead plants and animals and droppings of animals and birds are biodegradable, so they are decomposed by microorganisms and mixed with soil.

Besides this, there is no human population living in the forests which are the main causes of waste material generation, so there are no wastes in the forests.

22 Points
7 years ago

because all the things will be decomposed or eaten by animals and small insects.

Prajwal kr
49 Points
7 years ago

Because there are decomposers, they covert the waste to nutrients which mixes with the soil.

13 Points
3 years ago
There is no waste in a forest because microorganisms act the wastes and convert them into humus. In the form of humus nutrients returns back to the soil
Hanish KUMAR S
20 Points
3 years ago
I know the answer that is the saptrophic nutrition. the saptrophic nutrition or saprotrophs convert the waste into humas as their food. so there will be no waste in forest
Francis Reddy
37 Points
2 years ago
Francis Reddy
37 Points
2 years ago
sorry it was a mistake.
actually it is because the dead matter such as dried leaves etc.. decompose into the soil and work as humus to replenish the nutrients in the soil
Ravish Monga
15 Points
2 years ago
There will be no waste in the forest because the animals that die,  their bodies are eaten by decomposers such as scvangers like vulture , ,eagle etc. 

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