If 3 sin2 A + 2 sin2 B = 1 and 3 sin 2A − 2 sin 2B = 0, where A and B are acute angles then find the value of (A +2B)

3 years ago


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Dear Nirabhra, 

sin2B=3/2sin2A …(i)

And from the first equation,

3sin2A=1-2sin2B=cos2B …(ii)

cos (A + 2B) = cos A. cos 2B – sin A.sin 2B


3cosA.sin2A-3sin2AcosA =0

cos (A+2B)=0

∴ A+2B=π2,3π2 …(iii)

Given that < A < π/2 and 0 < B < π/2

⇒ 0<A+2B<π+π2

⇒ 0<A+2B<3π2 …(iv)

From (iii) and (iv),



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Sagar Singh

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3 years ago

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Hello Student, Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 3 months ago
Really nice methods :)
Leo Pixie 3 months ago
if cosx+cosy+cosz=sinx+siny+sinz=0 then prove that sin2x+sin2y+sin2z=cos2x+cos2y+cos2z=0
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Prashant Gulia one month ago
I want to know how to approach this problem..
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Kaustubh Nayyar 17 days ago
Just change the expression in terms of sin and cos (i.e. sina+cosa and (sina)(cosa) ) Then replace sina.cosa as t and sina + cosa as (1+2t) 1/2 This gives value of t . we have to find sin 2a...
Kaustubh Nayyar 17 days ago
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