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                   as aboue

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


1. Photochemical reactions do not take place in dark but take place in the presence of light by absorbing it.

2. Since different colored radiations in the range of visible light have different frequencies and hence different energies, therefore all radiations may not be able to initiate a particular reaction. For example, a photon of violet light has highest frequency and hence the highest energy. Hence a reaction which is initiated by violet light may not be initiated by other colored radiations 0of visible light. On the other hand, a photon of red light has lowest frequency and energy. Therefore a reaction that can be initiated by all other radiations as well.

3. Temperature has very little effect on the rate of a photochemical reaction. Instead, the intensity of light has marked effect on the rate of photochemical reaction.

4. The free energy change of a photochemical reaction may not be negative.

5. There are many substances which do not react directly when exposed to light. However, if another substance is added, the photochemical reaction starts.

example:- photosynthesis,etc.

3 years ago

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answer is c because of the polarity os C-N bond carbon develops some delta positive charge and nitrogen as delta negative charge ,therefore it can act as electophile from Carbon and act as...
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you r wrong the answer is (C)
Bharat Makkar 9 months ago
Bharat Makkar 8 months ago
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balance the equation: KMnO4+H2SO4+FeSO4=K2SO4+MnSO4+Fe2(SO4)3+H2O by ion-electron method.
2KMNO4+10FeSO4+8H2SO4= K2SO4+2MNSO4+5Fe2(SO4)3+8H2O FeSO4+ KMnO4+H2SO4-> Fe2(SO4)3+ MnSO4+ H2O First of all, let's concentrate on what is really important - on the net ionic reaction:...
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sir i m a graduating first year student...
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