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for tautomerism to occur , atleast one alpha hydrogen must be acidic??

what alpha hydrogen & acidic hydrogen means here & how multiple bond on cyclocompounds reduce acidic character of hydrogen???plzzz..explain.

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


acidic hydrogen means which attach with more electrondonating  group. always remember that sp hybridized carban  attach hydrogen is more acidic . in tauto merism atlist one alpha H atom is required for come out to hydrogen and  become enol content.alpha H means attach  alpha carben atom . if it is acidic or not always remove alpha H. mostly alpha H is acidic in tautomerism,

4 years ago

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Gaddam Chethan 6 months ago
My dear friend in our earth mostly all living things consists of carbon compounds thats why we read about organic chemistry in medison students analysis our body means they analysis organic ...
Prabhakar ch 6 months ago
dear friend in our earth mostly all living things consists of carbon compounds thats why we read about organic chemistry in medison students analysis our body means they analysis organic...
NAGOORVALI 6 months ago
Bis­muth formula
bismuth, Bi
RAKESH CHINDAM 11 months ago
Bi is the formula for Bismuth.
OUTPASS 10 months ago
Bi is formula for Bismuth
Gavvala Ganesh 11 months ago
What are tranquilizers? Give example...................?
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Umakant biswal 15 days ago
What is Acrolan?
acrolan is defined as the in orgnaic chemistry 2- pronono1-one...this my answer all the best for your.......
T.kumar 6 months ago
DEAR PRABHAKAR the acrolan is called as a 2-propononol-one. it is belongs to organic chemistry
Y MANJUNADH 6 months ago
Hello prabhakar, The acrolan means 2- propaneol. all the best for your end sem exams.thank you...................................................
Gowri sankar 6 months ago
What is a Schottky defect......................................?
The defect arises when equal number of cations and anions are missing from the lattice is called Schottky defect. It is a common defect in ionic compounds of high coordination number where...
SAI SARDAR 12 days ago
@ karun A Schottky defect is a type of point defect in a crystal lattice named after Walter H. Schottky . In non-ionic crystals it means a lattice vacancy defect . In ionic crystals, the...
Umakant biswal 12 days ago
N factor for potassium ferro cyanide in acidic medium
You no longer have to wait desperately for someone to help resolve your doubt. You can chat with IITians live, 24/7 (even at 3AM!) and get your doubt resolved instantly. Try the HashLearn...
Ankit 11 days ago
n factor is the no of electron transfer for single atom or the oxidation state of central atom . in the complex K4{FE(CN)6} 4(1) +X +6(-1) =0 X-2 =0 SO, X= +2 SO, HERE its n factor is +2 in ...
Umakant biswal 11 days ago
Is Basic strength is directly proportional to OH- ion.??
Dear student Basic strength is directly proportional to the amount of OH- ions released per unit volume by aqueous solution of a base.
Bhavya 3 days ago
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