what is wurtz reaction?

why is the same compound written twice?

why is Na added?

what do you mean by 'even number of carbon atoms' as the product of this reaction?

what exactly  happens when two different types of alkyl halides are taken?

2 years ago


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how we detect nitrigen
To find the presence of nitrogen in any organic compound first we take the sodium extract and add some fresh FeSO4 and cool it and add FeCl3 and acidify the solution with concentrated HCl.It...
sivakrishna 3 months ago
To indicate the presence of nitrogen first we take the sodium fusion extract and add some basic and also add some fresh FeSo4 and cool it and add FeCl3 and acidify the solution with...
Pushkar Aditya 3 months ago
To a portion of sodium extract few ml of sodium hydroxide is added and then freshly prepared ferrous sulphate solution is added . Then acidified with HCl gives a prussian blue or green...
MTAMBIRAJ 3 months ago
Explain the formation of alcohols From Grignard reagents?
All the three types of monohydric alcohols (primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols) are obtained by the use of Grignard reagents and carbonyl compounds. The addition of RMgX on carbonyl...
Pankaj 13 days ago
IUPAC means International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry and it is established by UNO and the main aim of this is to develop chemistry and use chemistry for good things in the world.
kumar 4 months ago
International union of pure and applied chemistry..
purva 4 months ago
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
kumar 4 months ago
I just want a book which makes me able to crack iit jee main and advance in chemistry …. please help me quickly ,.. which book i shoul buy …???
best books for chemistry(jee main and advance) physical- p bahadur and optandon inorganic-jdlee and optandon organic-morrison boyd and arihant publication
Sunil Kumar FP 5 days ago
did average energy depends upon the intensity of the incident light?
no it doesn''t,only threshold frequency and KE
Spandan Bandyopadhyaya one year ago
Yes, it is directly propotional.
Prajwal kr one year ago
No,it does not depend upon intensity of incident light.it always depends upon the threshold frequency and kinetic energy.
BAYANA SAGAR one year ago
how many farads are required for reduction of one mole C 6 H 5 NO 2 into C 6 H 5 NH 2
C6H5NO2 + 6H (in the presence of Sn and HCl)——————→ C6H5NH2 + 2H2O for conversion of 1 mole of nitrpbenzene 6 mole of electron are required charge on...
Sunil Kumar FP 4 days ago
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