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how grignard reagent used to prepared ethane

3 years ago


Answers : (5)



any compound containing active hydrogen on treating with ethyl magnesium bromide gives ethane

3 years ago

Treat C2H5MgX with H2O or alcohol or any other H+ ion donor, in this way ethane would be formed

3 years ago
Grignard reagent + water------------>ethane + cl-Mg-OH
3 years ago

grignard reagent are very reactive, they abstract H atom from any source of proton and forms alkanes.


to prepare ethane u can take CH3CH2MgCl +  H2O or dil HCl ------> CH3CH3


3 years ago

3 years ago

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According to Einstein's equation U=mc 2 we can calculate absolute energy of a body,but in this expresssion the term c 2 reffered to the energy of any system which is quite large and...
Aarti Gupta 6 months ago
Deepak Bohra 6 months ago
106 th element belongs to which block?
It belongs to `d` block.
Naga Himanshu 2 months ago
According to electronic configuration of Seaborgium (106 element) i.e. [Rn] 7s 2 5f 1 4 6d 4 outermost orbital is ‘ d’. So from this representation we can say it belongs to ‘d’ block.
Naga Himanshu 2 months ago
its..right..but cn u explain the ans. plz....
mansi dabriwal 2 months ago
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Aarti Gupta 15 days ago
Welcome dear student.
Aarti Gupta 6 days ago
thanks a lot
vindhya 14 days ago
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Ramreddy 8 months ago
yes the other one has more resonance energy because resonanance is more effective in C-F bond than in C-Br bond
daksh 7 months ago
the other one has more resonance energy
agam goel 8 months ago
sir give an idea about chirality with newman projection ..pls.
Chirality means just the asymmetrical carbon, that is the carbon with all different atoms attached to it.
Suraj Prasad 4 months ago
Hi Student,
Harishwar 4 months ago
in my opinion answer may be 1 because in this carbocation there is maximum p-pi---p-pi back bonding, as nitrogen is more electronegative order of backbonding is N>O>F but i think answer wil ...
ng29 23 days ago
No ng but I studied about the mesomeric effect whIch is dominant than other factors for the stability of carbocation Over here it would be stabilise by resonance
grenade 19 days ago
B option is correct because of its+M(resonacce) effect stabilise the carbocation ther stability of a c + is like +M>+H>+I plz aprve
grenade 23 days ago
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