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how grignard reagent used to prepared ethane

3 years ago


Answers : (5)



any compound containing active hydrogen on treating with ethyl magnesium bromide gives ethane

3 years ago

Treat C2H5MgX with H2O or alcohol or any other H+ ion donor, in this way ethane would be formed

3 years ago
Grignard reagent + water------------>ethane + cl-Mg-OH
3 years ago

grignard reagent are very reactive, they abstract H atom from any source of proton and forms alkanes.


to prepare ethane u can take CH3CH2MgCl +  H2O or dil HCl ------> CH3CH3


3 years ago

3 years ago

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what is the answer?
HNO 3 is the answer. IUPAC Name of HNo 3 is Nitric acid . option is C HNo 3 Density: 1.51 g/cm³ Boiling point: 83 °C Melting point: -42 °C.
Dear PRAPULPODISHETTI, Please paste complete answer in one attempt so that questioner does not get mails on your each and every answer. This irritates the questioner and we are getting lot...
Forum Team 6 days ago
Dear Satish, Please ype the question completely here instead of asking it in an attachment so that other students who will be looking for answer to this question can get this page in google ...
Forum Team 6 days ago
explain about the behavour of electronegtivity in grup and period and how we calculate it
Definition Electronegativity is a measure of the tendency of an atom to attract a bonding pair of electrons. The Pauling scale is the most commonly used. Fluorine (the most electronegative...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya one month ago
What happens if two atoms of equal electronegativity bond together? Consider a bond between two atoms, A and B. Each atom may be forming other bonds as well as the one shown - but these are ...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya one month ago
Trends in electronegativity across a period As you go across a period the electronegativity increases. The chart shows electronegativities from sodium to chlorine - you have to ignore...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya one month ago
why is zinc brittle but the other elements down the same group turn into liquid like mercury
dude, mercury is an exception..
Vaibhav Gupta 2 days ago
A certain dye absorbs light of certain wavelength and then fluorescence light of wavelenth 5000 armstrong. Assunming that under given conditions, 50% of the absorbed energy is re-emitted...
may be 400 nm plese reply the correct answer as soon as possible
abhishek kumar one month ago
ya its correct... actually the answer is 4000 armstrong but its kk coz 10 armstrong is 10 raised to -9..... can u plzz explain the solutions??
siddhi khadtare one month ago
The weight percentage of iron in heamo-globin is 0.33. If the approximate molecular weight of heamoglobin is 68000, how many iron atoms are present in the molecule? (At.wt. of iron is 56)
Charchit Tailong one month ago
n x 56 / 68000 = 0.33 / 100 the n gives you the number of Fe
Neeti one month ago
sir ..does your institute provide online video lectures
Yes you can purchase it online from the website.
Vijay Mukati one month ago
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