what are the imp and high weightage topics in INORGANIC CHEMISTRY for iitjee 2012???

2 years ago


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Hi Ganesh,


All topics in Inorganic are important.

But once you learn Qualitative Analysis (Salt Analysis), it would be related to most of the other topics in Inorganic Chemistry.

So Qualitative Analysis is the topic with the highest weightage in Inorganic Chemistry.



Ashwin (IIT Madras).

2 years ago

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give the method of preparing microcosmic salt and write it`s uses.
(NH4)^2HPo4 +NaCL----NH4NaHPO4 + NH4Cl (microcosmic salt) it is used as an essentian ingredient of the microcosmic salt bead test for the identification of mettalic radical on the basis of...
Sunil Kumar FP 4 months ago
its moecular formula is ( NH4)NaHPO4. sorry i don`t know how to prepare it. USES: it is used as an essential ingredient of the microcosmic salt bead test for identification of metallic...
lokesh palingi 4 months ago
i need any tips to memorize inorganic chemistry
Hello Student. You have asked a very important question. But the answer is , There is no need to memorize it. You should try to understand the concepts of inorganic chemistry. It is not...
sumit kumar 17 days ago
define the lewis acid
A Lewis acid is an substance that is an electron pair acceptor. Examples: H+ is a Lewis acid because it can accept a pair of electrons. It combines with the available electron pair from the...
Indu 3 months ago
According to the Lewis any substance which accepts the electron pair is known as acid.
sivakrishna 3 months ago
All the cations are lewis acids.
sivasai 3 months ago
Arrange the following in increasing oxidation number of iodine. I 2 , HI , HIO 4 ,ICI
I2 oxidation number=0 HI=-1 HIO4=+7 ICL=+1 increasing oxidation number=I2,HI,ICL,HIO4 thanks and regards sunil kr askIITian faculty
Sunil Kumar FP one month ago
HI < I 2 < ICI < HIO 4 ; O.N. of I in I­ 2 = 0, HI = - 1, ICI = + 1, HIO 4 = + 7.
Navjyot Kalra one month ago
i find electrochem most difficult...n i cannot evn write half cell reactions .... plz help me.....
to understand electrochemistry one must study redox reactions (a topic of 11th physical chemistry) very well.in which points like oxidation and reduction ,balencing of reactions by ionic and...
Kamlesh Kumar 5 months ago
Your most welcome .to find out which element will act as anode & which as cathode.if you remember electrochemical series then for e.g if two elements like Cr and Pb are given then Cr will...
Kamlesh Kumar 5 months ago
okk sir ...thank u sir .....one more doubt sir....i m confused in studying different galvanic cells....and m nt understanding the representation of cell reaction of galvanic cell ....plzzzz...
raghasri raghavan 5 months ago
singly ionized helium atom is hydrogen like in the sense that a solitary electron revolves around a positively charged nucleus. If the energy of this electron in its first orbit(n=1) is...
energy is given by=-13.6*z^2/n^2= -13.6 *4/4=-13.6ev here n=2 z=2=atomic number thanks and regards sunil kr askITian faculty
Sunil Kumar FP 21 days ago
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