a man weighing 600 n carries a load of 150 n up the stairs 6m high in 15 seconds. his power will be ?

2 years ago


Answers : (2)


p = mgh/t

therefore 300W

2 years ago

we know that power=workdone/time,

here workdone is "mgh".

thus power=750x6/15,


2 years ago

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x and y are 2 unequally positive charged particles separated initially at very far distance.then particle x is provided a velocity u towards y with y at rest. both charges are free to move....
Regards, Nirmal SIngh Askiitians Faculty
Nirmal Singh. 7 months ago
When the charge is given a velocity u, it would undergo decelleration due to which the KE of the system would decrease and PE og system would increse. Next, after some time, at a certain...
Shivam 7 months ago
finally both comes in equillibrium
yogesh chalisa 7 months ago
A light ray is travelling from air to glass.The reflected and refracted rays are perpendicular to each other.If the angle of incidence in air is i.the refractive index of glass is?
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Karan Tewani one year ago
By snell''s law n a sin(i)=n b sin(90-i) sin(i)=n b Cos(i) (n a =1) sin(i)/Cos(i)=n b n b =Tan(i) The refractive index of glass is Tan(i)
one year ago
we can get the answer by using snells law: na*sin(i)=nb*sin(r).
G.Rajashekar one year ago
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Sunil Kumar FP 9 months ago
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