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if you move an electron from a point 'p' to 'q' will its potential energy change?

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


It depends on the position of pts. P and Q. If the positions P and Q are at different potentials in an electric field then yes the potential energy would change. If there is no electric field then it wouldn't !!

Its like if you place an object at some height in your room (i.e. earth's gravitational field) it has some potential energy and if you place it at a greater height (at higher potential) it has higher potential energy!! But it doesn't change if it is moved at different positions at the floor!!

5 years ago

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If the two charges have the same sign, the electrostatic force between them is repulsive; if they have different sign, the force between them is attractive. An electric field is a vector...
div one year ago
it is the force that originate when two charged particles are made in contact with each other and the resultant force is electrostatic force f=kq1q2/r*r
jatin garg one year ago
can u pls tell me how R2=M1(R1+R2)/(M1+M2) COMES.. i am not able to solve it.. please reply fast..
It is easy.. Since it is an atom, the nucleus is the COM. So, eqauting the moments on both sides, m 1 r 1 = m 2 r 2 Even if u simply the equation in your doubt, you get the same relation. I ...
Subhiksha 5 months ago
please press ctrl and + button to zoom. and answer my query please...................................................................
jayesh 5 months ago
please send attachments clearly i will try to answer your question............................ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,
naveen royals 5 months ago
Pls solve q 18.....................................................
The result of vectors make an angle of 90 withthe OA vector tan90 is not defined. and direction of resultant vector isgiven by tanx=BSn theta/A+BCos theta Hence A+BCos theta=0 4+6Cos...
Mudit 2 months ago
Is at the minimum deviation, angle of deviation is equal to angle of prism??
No that’s not always true. The minimum deviation is given when angle of incidence and angle of refraction would be equal. And that is given as: S = 2i – A hENCE not same with prism angle.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
can you please give a full worked out solution for the question attached ?
In the square configuration, area covered = l 2 => Initial flux = B.A = -Bl 2 (considering area vector out of the page to be +ve) For the area of the rhombus configuration, we have: angle...
Raman Mishra one month ago
@ tejaswini apply the formula e = i/ r and e = blv sin theta in which b is the magnetic field , v is the volume and l is the length of the structure … and for direction u can use lenzes law ...
Umakant biswal one month ago
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