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                   derivation (trick) for the point of intersection of a pair of straight lines with a curve (in 2 degree)

3 years ago


Answers : (3)


S = ax2+by2+2gx+2fy+2hxy+c = 0


Partially differentiate S w.r.t x and y respectively.


2ax + 2g + 2hy = 0

ax+hy+g = 0     ...............(i)


2by + 2f + 2hx = 0

by + hx + f = 0    ..............(ii)


Solve (i) and (ii) for x and y.


(x,y) is the point of intersection.

3 years ago

Any similar method (generic) for intersection of two curves/ a curve and a line?

3 years ago

This method isnt actually to find the intersection of two curves. This is used to find the centre of the curve. Incase of pair of straight lines, it is infact, the point of their intersection. In ellipse and hyperbola, u get the center.

3 years ago

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Your ans is also wrong its none of these
Aditya Sharma 2 months ago
Your ans is also wrong its none of these
Aditya Sharma 2 months ago
Please explain me how you have done..
Aditya Sharma 2 months ago
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Akshay one month ago
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Akshay 18 days ago
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Your question seems to be incompelete. Please check it.
Vijay Mukti one month ago
Blue circles r doubts
Dear Aakanksha, For such kind of problems to be done in a short time it is better to subsitute some value in place of x.If you substitute 0,in f(x) you get it to be 5/4 and g(5/4)=1. Hence...
erra akhil one month ago
by solving f(x) you will get it as constant functn whose value is 5/4 then u can easily find G(F(x))
Ajay Kotwal one month ago
resolve into (a-x)(a^2+x^2+ax) ,then use partial fractions.
sarim khan 6 months ago
resolve into (a-x)(a^2+x^2+ax) ,then use partial fractions.
sarim khan 6 months ago
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