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                   derivation (trick) for the point of intersection of a pair of straight lines with a curve (in 2 degree)

3 years ago


Answers : (3)


S = ax2+by2+2gx+2fy+2hxy+c = 0


Partially differentiate S w.r.t x and y respectively.


2ax + 2g + 2hy = 0

ax+hy+g = 0     ...............(i)


2by + 2f + 2hx = 0

by + hx + f = 0    ..............(ii)


Solve (i) and (ii) for x and y.


(x,y) is the point of intersection.

3 years ago

Any similar method (generic) for intersection of two curves/ a curve and a line?

3 years ago

This method isnt actually to find the intersection of two curves. This is used to find the centre of the curve. Incase of pair of straight lines, it is infact, the point of their intersection. In ellipse and hyperbola, u get the center.

3 years ago

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Great method
Leo Pixie 11 months ago
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