derivation (trick) for the point of intersection of a pair of straight lines with a curve (in 2 degree)

2 years ago


Answers : (3)


S = ax2+by2+2gx+2fy+2hxy+c = 0


Partially differentiate S w.r.t x and y respectively.


2ax + 2g + 2hy = 0

ax+hy+g = 0     ...............(i)


2by + 2f + 2hx = 0

by + hx + f = 0    ..............(ii)


Solve (i) and (ii) for x and y.


(x,y) is the point of intersection.

2 years ago

Any similar method (generic) for intersection of two curves/ a curve and a line?

2 years ago

This method isnt actually to find the intersection of two curves. This is used to find the centre of the curve. Incase of pair of straight lines, it is infact, the point of their intersection. In ellipse and hyperbola, u get the center.

2 years ago

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the normal to the curve at P(x,y) meets the x axis at G. If the distance of G from the origin is twice the abscissa of P , then the curve is a) ellipse b) parabola c) ellipse or hyperbola
solution: for any curve the equation of normal at ( X1, Y1) (y- y1) = -1/m (x- X1) {where m = slope of tengent or say dy/dx at (x1, Y1) } normal meets the X axis at G.. so ( 0 - y1) = -1/m...
Ajay Verma 8 months ago
but sir the answer says it can be both ellipse as well as hyperbola, so can u please prove this as an ellipse too.
vansh kharbanda 8 months ago
thank you
vansh kharbanda 8 months ago
Let ax-y+7=0 be a chord of parabola x^2=28y meeting it at A and B ,and tangents at A and B meet at C.the locus of circumcentre of tr.ABC is
Let us first solve for end points of the chord by finding points of intersection of chord and parabola: It is also interesting to note Let’s now call the slope of tangents at these two...
Sandeep Pathak 3 months ago
Find the equation of the line passing through the inersection of lines x-y+1=0 and 2x-3y+5=0 and whose distance from the point (3,2) is 7/5.
Hello Student, Please find the solution Here you can use the concept of family of lines The equation of the line passing through the inersection of lines x-y+1=0 and 2x-3y+5=0 can be assumed...
Nishant Vora 3 months ago
my question is of quadratic equation . if x 2 +(a-b)x+(1-a-b)=0 where a, b belongs to real number then find the values of “a” which equation unequal real roots for all values of “b”?
Hi student Discriminant of above equation is – (a-b) 2 – 4(1-a-b) For unequal roots D>0 => a 2 + b 2 -2ab – 4 + 4a + 4b > 0 b 2 -2b(a -2) + a 2 -4 +4a > 0 now...
Harsh Patodia one month ago
f(x) = maximum {4, 1+x^2, x^2 -1}, x belong R. total no of points where fx is non differentiable ? graphical approach if possible
Hi Arpit, First note that x^2 + 1 > x^2 – 1 for all x belonging to R Therefore, max{4, x^2 -1, x^2+1} = max{4, x^2 + 1} Now, x^2 + 1 is a quadratic expression and opens upwards. To find the...
Asish Mahapatra 3 months ago
thank u for your help
Arpit Dhankar 3 months ago
The sides of a triangle are distinct positive integers in arithmetic progression. If the smallest side is 10 the number of such triangles is ….........
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Ashwin 2 months ago
in the last third line it is => d instead it should be => d sorry my mistake
Ashwin 2 months ago
its not coming take it as 10 > d so d should be less than 10
Ashwin 2 months ago
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