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                   derivation (trick) for the point of intersection of a pair of straight lines with a curve (in 2 degree)

3 years ago


Answers : (3)


S = ax2+by2+2gx+2fy+2hxy+c = 0


Partially differentiate S w.r.t x and y respectively.


2ax + 2g + 2hy = 0

ax+hy+g = 0     ...............(i)


2by + 2f + 2hx = 0

by + hx + f = 0    ..............(ii)


Solve (i) and (ii) for x and y.


(x,y) is the point of intersection.

3 years ago

Any similar method (generic) for intersection of two curves/ a curve and a line?

3 years ago

This method isnt actually to find the intersection of two curves. This is used to find the centre of the curve. Incase of pair of straight lines, it is infact, the point of their intersection. In ellipse and hyperbola, u get the center.

3 years ago

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the perimeter of a rectangle is 68m and length of its diagonal is 26m.find area
Dear student Hint: P = 2(L+B), D 2 = L 2 + W 2 , A = LW, To find LW use (L+W) 2 = L 2 + W 2 + 2LW. Thanks
Vijay Mukati 4 months ago
P = 2(l + b) 68 = 2(l + b) l + b = 34 d = 26 (l + b) 2 = 342 l 2 + b 2 + 2lb = 1156 l 2 + b 2 = d 2 (pythagoraus theorem) l 2 + b 2 = 26 2 = 676 676 + 2lb = 1156 2lb = 480 lb = 240 area =...
A M S ARUN KRISHNA 4 months ago
please discuss the concept of enclined parabola in detail
please u just visit the link this will clear allof ur doughts ….….…...PLEASE ..... if u like my answer and my answer is...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya 4 months ago
find the locus of the mid points of the chord of the hyperbola x 2 /a 2 -y 2 /b 2 =1 which subtend a right angle at the origin.
consider the mid to be a point P (X 0, Y 0 ) now use the formula S 1 =S 11 you will get the equation of chord with its mid point. then homogenise this equation with the equation of given...
Janani one month ago
sin by cos is
santosh kumar 2 months ago
VENKT 2 months ago
YASWANTHKUMAR 2 months ago
divide num and denom. by x^2, then substitute ax + b/x = t.
Nihal Raj one year ago
divide num and denom. by x^2, then substitute ax + b/x = t.
Nihal Raj one year ago
Bharat Makkar one year ago
i dont get topic of area under curvin askiitians what i do pleas suggest meeee
Refer to the book “PLAY WITH GRAPHS” arihant publication it has wide variety of graphing techniques and transformations and all possible graphs ranging from easiest to difficult.. once you...
Himanshu 28 days ago
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