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Given the system of straight lines a(2x+y-3) + b(3x+2y-5) = 0, the line of the system farthest from the point (4,-3) has the equation?

Options: a) 4x+11y-15=0

             b) 7x+y-8=0

             c) 4x+3y-7=0

             d) 3x-4y+1=0

4 years ago


Answers : (2)


 Hi Suhas,


The given system represents a family of lines passing through the intersection of 2x+y-3=0 and 3x+2y-5=0

These two lines intersect at (1,1).


Now a line throug this system will be the farthest from the point (4,-3) if the line is perpendicular to the line joining (1,1) and (4,-3).

Slope of the line joining (4,-3) and (1,1) is -4/3.

So slope of the required line passing through (1,1) is 3/4.


So the eqn of the line will be 3x-4y+7=0 (there is no option in the question, please check your choice D).



Ashwin (IIT Madras).

4 years ago

Hi Suhas,


Sorry. A silly mistake in the last step.

Eqn of line through (1,1) and having slope as 3/4 will be 3x-4y+1=0

So option (D) is correct.



Ashwin (IIT Madras).

4 years ago

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If the line y=√3 x+k touches the circle x^2+y^2=16 then what is the value of k ??
The line is a tangent to the circle, find the distance of C(0,0) from that line which will be equal to 4i.e radius. ans 8,-8
Sid 6 months ago
If a ray travelling along the line x = 1 gets reflected from the line x + y = 1, then the equation of the line along which the reflected ray travel is
the angle between x = 1 and x + y = 1 is 45 degrees. as angle i = angle r so, angle r = 45 degrees putting the value in the formula tan theta = (m 1 – m 2 / 1 + m 1 m 2 ) we get m = 0 so...
Satyadip Mahapatra one month ago
method for evaluation of concurrency point of two straight line?
See you will have to solve the eqn of both st lines first to get x/y whichever is easy to get, now substitute this co-ordinate in any of the two equations to get the other co-ordinate. And...
Alfaz Khan 6 months ago
∫sin 2x.cos2x dx
Dear Student, Hint: Multiply and divide by 2, Use 2sinAcosA = sin (2A) and then integrate it. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 7 months ago
Dear Student, Use the hint as I provided. That will be easier compared to yours. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 7 months ago
thanks vijay sir.. but if i substitute sin2x =t and then integrate i got different answer
sumit 7 months ago
hi I am Prabhnoor. i will appear for my boards this year . i am a bit weak at physics and maths. so can u plz suggest a good way tp study both 2 months before my exams . Thankyou
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NAGOORVALI one month ago
If the vectors −3i + 4 j + λk and μ i + 8 j + 6k are collinear vectors then find λand μ.
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KUNCHAM SAMPATH 2 months ago
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