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If |z| = 1, then the point representing the complex number - 1 + 3z will lie on


A. circle  B. straightline  c.parabola D. hyperbola

6 years ago


Answers : (2)


3z represents the circle of radius 3 units centered at the origin.  -1+3z, is the previous circle shifted along the negative real axis by one unit. So the answer is A. circle

6 years ago

let Z=x1+iy1


     (x1)^2 + (y1)^2 =1   .............eq1

 now Z2 =3Z-1        (GIVEN)

       Z2= (3x1-1) + i3y1

 X+IY =3x1 -1 + i3y1

 X=3x1-1......eq2         and     Y=3y1.....eq3

     from eq 1 and 3

        Y^2/9 = 1 - (x1)^2.....eq4

  from eq 2 and 4

      Y^2/9 + (X+1)^2 /9 =1  equation of circle



6 years ago

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Gundeep Singh one month ago
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Shaswata Biswas one month ago
An and tn means the same thing T8 = 2^8-5/2=507/2,T12= 2^12 - 5/2= 16379/2Therefore , answer is 507/2, 16379/2
2017 years ago
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Vijay Mukati 8 months ago
Sin x / sin y = 3 and cos x / cos y = 1/2 find the value of sin 2x/sin 2y + cos 2x/cos 2y
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govardhan 2 months ago
Ans is 49/58 and I am not getting. Please be little more specific. Thanks in Advance And if possible show working .
Abhinav Anand 2 months ago
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Vikas TU 2 months ago
Integration x^2 (xsec^2x+tanx)/(xtanx+1)dx equals1. -x^2/(xtanx+1)+c2. 2log|xsinx+cosx|+c3. --×^2/(xtanx+1)+2log|xsinx+cosx|+c
Above process is wrong , May be you mean
jagdish singh singh one month ago
jagdish singh singh one month ago
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