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Punjab School Education BoardFounded in the year 1969 under a legislative act of the Government of Punjab, Punjab School Education Board was established with an aim to  manage the core curriculum taught in public schools in the Punjab state. The board’s main responsibility is to conduct standardized examinations within the state apart from preparing syllabus and publishing of textbooks.The Punjab School Education Board’s headquarter is located in SAS Nagar (Mohali), near Chandigarh.

Important Features

  • Making educational as well as administration policies.

  • Adopting an annual budget for the school.

  • Preparing syllabus, text books and other important material required by the school.

  • Maintaining the performance of the schools through proper tactics.

Punjab Board Class 12 Date Sheet 2019

Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) will release the Punjab Board Class 12 time table 2019 in its official website. Students can download the PSEB 12th exam date sheet from the official website. Every year the Punjab Board class 12 exams are conducted in the month of March. Date Sheet of Class XII is given below:







5th March 2019

General English (001)

General English (001)

General English (001)

General English (001)

General English (001)

16th March 2019

Environmental Studies (139)

Environmental Studies (139)

Environmental Studies (139)

Environmental Studies (139)

Environmental Studies (139)

1st March 2019

General Punjabi  (002)

General Punjabi  (002)

General Punjabi  (002),

General Punjabi  (002),

General Punjabi  (002),

Punjab History & Culture (003)

Punjab History & Culture (003)

Punjab History & Culture (003)

Punjab History & Culture (003)

Punjab History & Culture (003)

6th March 2019

Public Administration (033),

Geology (055)




Business Organization and management (029),

Gurmati Sangeet (039),

Psychology (044),

Music (Vocal ) (036)

7th March 2019

Philosophy (041),





Geometrical perspective and architectural design(047),

Book Keeping and accountancy(030), History and appreciation of arts (050), Education (034)

8th March 2019

Political science  (031)

Physics (052)

 Business Studies- II  (141)

 Physics (052)

 Physics (194)

11th March 2019

Dance (040),

Agriculture  (065)


Agriculture  (065)


Defence Studies (043),

Agricultural (065)

13th March 2019

Sociology  (032)





14th March 2019

Punjabi Elective (004),





Hindi Elective (005),

English Elective (006),

Urdu Elective (007)

12th March 2019

History (025)

Chemistry (053)

Business Economics and Quantitative Maths- II (143)

Chemistry (053)

Chemistry  (195)

15th March 2019

Computer Application (072)

Computer Application (072)

 Computer Application (072)

Computer Application (072)

 Computer Application (072)

2nd March 2019

Geography  (042)

Geography  (042)


 Geography  (042)


20th March 2019

Religion (035),

Biology  (054),

Accountancy- II (142),

Rural Development & Environment (051)

Elements of Building Construction (067),

Music Instrumental (037),

Elements of Electronics (148),

Media Studies (150)

Elements of Electrical Engineering  (068),

Rural Development & Environment (051),

Sanskrit (019)


Elements of Mechanical Engineering (069),

Sanskrit (019),



Elements of Electronics Engineering (070),

Arabic (020),



Engineering Drawing  (071)

Persian (021),




Russian (022),




French (023),




German (024),




Korean (145),




Media Studies (150)




18th March 2019

Physical Edu & Sports (049),

 Biotechnology  (147)




Insurance (063)

26th March 2019

Mathematics (028),

Mathematics (028)

Mathematics (028)

Mathematics (028)

 Mathematics (193)

Music (Tabla) (038)

22th March 2019

Home Science (045)

Home Science (045)




25th March 2019

Economics (026)

Economics (026)

Fundamentals of E-Business (144)

Economics (026)

Economics (026)

27th March 2019

Computer Science  (146)

Computer Science  (146)

Computer Science  (146)

Computer Science  (146)

Computer Science  (146)

Punjab Board Class 12 Syllabus

The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) is best renowned for its quality education along with a praiseworthy academic structure. The board provides well evaluated syllabus to the students to help them keep abreast of the latest educational trend.

Click here to know the updated syllabus of Class 12 Punjab Board.

Punjab Board Class 12 Books

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Physics 12 by Punjab Technical Board


Chemistry 12 by Punjab Technical Board


Mathematics 12 by Punjab Technical Board


Biology 12 by Punjab Technical Board


English Book 1 by Punjab Technical Board

English Book 11 by Punjab Technical Board


Statistics 12 by Punjab Technical Board

Punjab Board Class 12 Papers

Punjab Board Class 12 sample papers and past year papers are the best tools to evaluate student’s performance before the actual examination. If a student takes sample paper or past papers thoroughly and in actual time limit, then he/she is surely going to perform well in the examination. Moreover, these papers also helps students to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses

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Punjab Board Class 12 Result

The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) declared its Senior Secondary examination result on April 23, 2018. The result has been made available in the official website. The PSEB Class 12 Regular examination, Semester examination and Improvement/Compartment exam was conducted in the month of March 2018. The PSEB Class 12 examinations 2018 for theory subjects were conducted from March 1 to March 23 while the practical examinations were held from February 15 to February 22.

Tips & Tricks

  • Create a calendar for study–Don’t just stick to the subjects that you like. Prepare a calendar of each subject and follow the same strictly.  

  • Join a study group–It’s an interesting fact that when you study in group, you share many ideas about a subject. This helps you open your mind up to things you didn't see before. Group study also helps you gather more knowledge about the subjects.

  • Practice Past Exam papers –Practicing past year papers can be the best way to get flair of the kind of questions that are asked in an exam. Try answering the questions in the time allotted. Also indulge someone to supervise and mark your work.

  • Create a passion for learning – Until and unless you don’t have passion to learn, you won’t enjoy learning.  You must find in you the desire to learn and quest for understanding. Trust me this will help you achieve good marks in your examination.

  • Attend all Classes- Science stream has lots of practical sessions, hence it is very important to attend all the classes if you want to ace your exams.

  • Believe in yourself-Have faith in yourself. If you tell yourself that science is hard, chances of excelling in exams will be very low.

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