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Fundamentals of Physics: A Must-Have Resource Book CBSE JEE and NEET-UG Syllabi for Class - 12 (With CD)

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Contents Covered:

·         Electric Charges and Fields

·         Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

·         Current Electricity

·         Moving Charges and Magnetism

·         Magnetism and Matter

·         Electromagnetic Induction

·         Alternating Current

·         Electromagnetic Waves

·         Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

·         Wave Optics

·         Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

·         Atoms

·         Nuclei

·         Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits

·         Communication Systems

·         Appendices

·         Appendix A Conversion Factors

·         Appendix B Mathematical Formulas

·         Appendix C Dimensions

·         Index

This adapted version of the International Bestseller Fundamentals of Physics by Resnick, Halliday, and Walker is structured completely in accordance with CBSE syllabi and designed keeping in mind the requirements of Class 12 students.

The set of books is developed with a skill-based approach and aims to provide a firm foundation in learning physics and quantitative techniques. On one hand, the Textbook offers clear and engaging explanations of concepts while on the other, the Practice Book helps understand the applications of concepts and sharpens problem-solving skills. The book set is a must have resource for CBSE students and those aspiring to enter the medical and engineering field through competitive examinations.

Some of the salient features of this book set are:

·         Full colour textbook with globally renowned content

·         Complete coverage of CBSE syllabus and includes the latest supplementary text

·         Combined with interesting facts and applications and enriched pedagogy to support learning

·         Solved and Practice Problems to enhance problem-solving skills

·         Practice Book is in two colours with two distinct parts to target CBSE and Competitive Examinations

·         Comprehensive Chapter Review for a quick recap of concepts

·         Sufficient solved  Problems for learning the skill with solutions to Textbook exercises, AIEEE questions, NCERT exercises and previous 5 years’ CBSE and NEET (AIPMT) questions

·         Beneficial Appendices at the end of the Practice Book.

·         Knowledge-Bank DVD

·         A companion DVD with the set of Textbook and Practice Book containing:

  1. Innovative and stimulating animations.

  2. Contributions of scientists pertaining to the concepts covered.

  3. Chapter summaries for quick recap.

  4. Glossary.

  5. Log tables and their operations.

  6. Important and useful links.

  7. Previous five years’ question papers (CBSE/AIEEE/NEET (AIPMT)) with solutions.

  8. Mock tests to help you evaluate your performance.

About the Author

David Halliday is associated with the University of Pittsburgh as Professor Emeritus. He and Robert Resnick collaborated on Physics for Students of Science and Engineering in 1960 and then on Fundamentals of Physics. The book is currently in its eighth edition and has since been handed over from Halliday and Resnick to Jearl Walker. Halliday is retired and resides in Seattle.
Robert Resnick is professor emeritus at Rensselaer.He along with his co-author David Halliday, revolutionized physics education with their now famous textbook on general physics which is still one of the most highly regarded texts in the field today.

Jearl Walker, professor of physics at Cleveland State University has received his BS in physics from MIT in 1967 and his PhD in physics from University of Maryland in 1973. The Fying Circus of Physics written by him was published 30 years ago. The book has been translated into at least 10 languages, and is still being sold worldwide. He toured his Flying Circus talk throughout the U.S. and Canada for 16 years and introduced physics stunts such as the bed-of-nails demonstration and the walking-on-hot-coals demonstration to countless physics teachers. The physics teachers, in-turn proceeded to hurt themselves when they repeated the stunts in their own classrooms. Such talks led to his PBS television show Kinetic Karnival which ran nationally for years and which earned an Emmy.



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