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Which stream should you choose after Class 10?


DepartmentYour 10th exam results are out and a big question posing you in your life is to choose a proper streamthrough which you can select your career. Would you prefer to choose science, commerce or humanities? It is vital for you to understand that careers and colleges after you complete 11th can be very comfortable if your choice is in the right direction. Nowadays, you can change your stream at any time. However, changing to science stream after you complete your studies for two years in humanities or commerce becomes more challenging. However, you should select the right stream in class11 to succeed in the career that you have dreamed of. Find below some tips which will help you to choose your dream stream.

Personal Interest

Personal InterestIt is excellent if you are able to decide what profession you want to pursue. Such students are said to possess a firm character, as their stream of subjects to be chosen is clear. If you wish to study Medicine or Engineering, Science stream will be your correct choice. On the other hand, if you prefer a career in business and economics, marketing, finance and accounting, Commerce stream will help you. Selecting Humanities stream will enable you to enjoy a career in education, politics, media and economics.

Peer Influence

Peer InfluenceThe influence of your friends plays a great role in selecting the stream that you want to undertake in class 11. This may seem unbelievable, but if your friends choose the Science stream, they may inspire you to do so also. Even if you are personally not interested in the subject, your friends can motivate to help you out in your difficulties. Their intention may be to pursue the same stream of subjects so that you can all be together in college. 

Selecting your stream according to personality

Selecting your stream according to personalityIt is certainly beneficial if you select the stream of subjects according to your personality. This will be an added advantage as it will encourage you to put in extra effort to produce positive results in the career of your choice. Accordingly, taking a personality test for a correct decision will be the best option. If you are an extrovert by nature, you may pick sales as your profession. If you are creative and your imagination is high, selecting the stream in fine arts will be satisfactory to you.

TipsVital tips in choosing proper stream

  • Select the stream that you are good at and really enjoy studying. Think deeply about the subjects that you like which will make you happy.

  • If you select the right combination of subjects that you desire, you will certainly work hard to progress well.

  • If your interest lies in finance and mathematics, you can go in for the Commerce stream. This will lead you to professional courses such as Stock Broking or MBA, Company Secretary Ship, Cost Accountancy, Certified Financial Analyst or Chartered Accountancy.

  • If Science subjects are interesting to you, then you should study courses that include Architecture, Medicine,Merchant Navy,Civil Aviation or Engineering.

  • Career in Arts stream can also offer a wide choice. You can study subjects such as Networking, Web Designing, Multimedia, Graphic Designing, Law or Academics, Hospitality, Psychology, Arts, Design, Management and Media.

  • If you are unable to decide on the exact stream of subjects, you can take Online Assessments of Skills and Personality and a few Aptitude Tests to make yourself confident in selecting the best stream.

  • Teachers’ assistance will be of great value to you as they recognize your true potential. They can guide you properly in selecting the right stream.


ConclusionClass 11 is the turning point for several students. Based on the advice from your teachers, the subjects of your interest and the career that you want to pick, you can surely decide on the stream of subjects, which will lead to joy and success in your life.