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Study Tips for CBSE Science Class X Board Exam

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the most popular school board in India. For Class X students, Science paper in SA2 (final Summative Assessment) will have the following exam format:

Exam Preparation TipsExam Preparation Tips

  • Consistency is the most important part of any exam preparation. Make a fixed time table and stick to it. Cover topics of the day, go through what has been taught in class, revise what you had learn a day before, a week before and a month before and solve at least few questions, numerical and Math papers every day.

  • Now that board exams are so near, it is important that you quickly glance through all your books a number of times and make sure that you understand all the concepts clearly.

  • Learn diagrams properly. Labelled diagrams can fetch you good marks in Science paper.

  • Make sure you solve as many previous year question papers as you can – not less than 5 in any case. It is better that you make it a habit to solve at least one question paper on every alternative day and then compare your solutions with the given answers.

  • Solve the last year question papers just like you are giving the exam. Hence, you need to do all your questions in 3 hours. This will also help you find out the most oft-repeated questions and Science topics that you need to study.

  • NCERT text books contain all the important questions of the exam. So, solve all of them.

How to Solve Board Exam Paper?

How to Solve Board Exam Paper?Step 1: Since Section A carries the maximum marks, you should start with it first.

Step 2: Your focus should be to score more in less time. It means that you should first solve questions that carry 5 marks, then those that carry 3 marks, followed by 2-marks question and then, 1-mark question.

Step 3: However, if a 5-mark question is taking too much time, leave space and move on with the next question. It means that in the first go, solve 5-marks question that you know well, then go for 3-marks, 2-marks, and 1-mark questions that you find easy.

Step 4: In the second run, try to solve questions that carry more marks first with what you know. If you do not know the exact answer of the question, try to write something related to it but do not leave it un-attempted.

Step 5: Section B has multiple-choice questions and you should be able to solve them in not more than 20 minutes.

Important Science Topics for CBSE Class 10 Board Exam

Important Science Topics Science syllabus for Class 10 Board Exam 2015 is as follows:

Natural Resources is an easy topic and its questions can easily be answered if you are generally aware. So, at this stage, you can skip this mostly. However, you may want to read about big dams now.

In Chemical Substances chapter, carbon compounds and periodic classification of elements is the key focus. Here are some backbenchers' tips to remember the periodic table. Read well about the covalent bonding in carbon compounds. To remember the nomenclature of carbon compounds and their chemical properties, make mind maps or flow charts. The World of Living chapter is about Heredity & Evolution, and Reproduction. Do practice the diagrams and lifecycles well. In Natural Phenomena, reflection and refraction of light, and applications of spherical mirrors and lenses to correct vision is quite important.


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