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Class 7 Maths Revision Notes

Mathematics is one of the key subjects in school education. Math revision notes for Class 7 we present here covers the latest NCERT Math syllabus as well as the curriculum being followed by the CBSE board, ICSE board and the State boards.

Prepared by the IITians, these Class 7 Math revision notes can not only help students excel in their school exams but also in various regional-level, state-level, national and international Math Olympiads being organised these days. If you hope to become an engineer one day or opt for Maths as one of your subjects in Class 11, these revision notes will be of immense help to you. They will help you strengthen your basics and develop an aptitude for the subject right from the scratch.

The revision notes are attractive, colourful and student-friendly. They include plenty of diagrams, pictures, and sketches to help students understand the mathematical concepts easily - without any external help. Class 7 students will also find a number of solved examples here to help them understand different ways in which they can apply the concepts to solve the math problems.

Class 7 Math Topics

S.No Chapter S.No Chapter



Rational Numbers


Fractions and Decimals


Practical Geometry


Data Handling


Perimeter and Area


Simple Equations


Algebraic Expressions


Lines and Angles


Exponents and Powers


The Triangle and its Properities




Congruence of Triangles


Visualising Solid Shapes


Comparing Quantities


When to Study Class 7 Maths Revision Notes?

Math is fun when you treat it like a challenge…a game. Math tutors at askIITians have worked hard to make the Class VII Math revision notes easy and interesting for you. To benefit most from them, we recommend you to go through the chapter-by-chapter Math revision notes immediately after the related chapters are taught in school.

Looking at the notes will give you an instant idea of what is important in the respective Math chapter and what you need to focus on. The revision notes also include a lot of solved examples to show various applications of a concept along with the teachers’ notes.

Once you’ve read the notes, you should try solving at least one or two exercises of the chapter. If you get stuck somewhere, you can re-visit the notes to see how similar questions have been solved in them. You may also ask your questions in the online askIITians forums for free to get quick solutions.

On the weekends, we recommend you to take a test of all the Math chapters you have practised during the week. Use the revision notes to quickly revise the formulae and important concepts before you take the test to score better.

We also recommend you to form a study group with your friends and classmates who live nearby. Show these free Math revision notes for Class VII to everyone in the study group, discuss them with each other, and help each other solve the related Math problems. This will help you nurture the right study environment and help all of you excel in academics.


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