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Class 6 Science Revision Notes

In India, you start your secondary school in Class 6. As you finish with the basic learning needs in the primary school, at this level you lay the foundation for the basic education and a broad repertoire of life skills training. Typically, most students in Class 6 are aged 11 or 12. Our Class 6 Science Revision Notes help you lay a strong foundation in Science.

AskIITians tutors who have prepared these notes have years of experience in teaching Class 6 students and above interested in becoming engineers and doctors in the future. They have the first-hand experience of cracking IIT JEE or NEET and are quite knowledgeable about the latest changes in the studying and exam patterns of the school-level exams, Olympiads, as well as the other competitive Science exams you might want to prepare for.

Though these Science Revision Notes for Class 6 are based on the NCERT syllabus, they cover all that you need to know about the topics covered in respective chapters. Hence, they are extremely useful for all students – whether they are following the CBSE board, ICSE board, or the State board education pattern.

You’ll notice that while these notes are colorful and to-the-point, they include details that go beyond what you may find in typical school textbooks. Our experts think that learning these details early will give you an edge over your peers, sharpen your study skills, explain a lot of concepts you’re going to learn later, and help you impress your friends and teachers.

Class 6 Science Topics

S.No Chapter S.No Chapter
1. Food: Where does it come from? 9. The living organisms and their surroundings
2. Components of Food 10. Motion and Measurement of Distances
3. Fibre to Fabric 11. Light, Shadows and Reflections
4. Sorting Materials into groups 12. Electricity and Circuits
5. Separation of Substances 13. Fun with Magnets
6. Changes Around us 14. Water
7. Getting to know plants 15. Air around us
8. Body Movements 16. Garbage in, garbage out

How can these Class 6 Science Revision Notes help you?

Class VI Science revision notes are fun to read and include a lot of images and diagrams to help you understand things better. These revision notes are not simple summaries of what you study in your textbooks and do not present bare bones as study material. They are designed by highly qualified tutors and provide you with all that you need to know at one place.

These notes have been prepared with great care and planning by some of the best online tutors we have. Here is how you should use them:

  • Revise Science for 15-minutes-a-day, 6-days-a-week. Our Science teachers think that if you refer to these notes for just 15 minutes per day from Monday to Saturday, you’ll be more knowledgeable than an average student of your age who studies from 4-10 different Science books. Remember, our teachers are all IITians or Biology experts from some of the best colleges in India. Hence, they know what they are talking about. Try it and see the difference.

  • Refer to the Science Notes when you get stuck on a question or immediately after taking a test on the topic. If you make mistakes and then, seek ways to correct them immediately, it is highly likely that you’ll never forget the concept or the formula you are learning again. Since these revision notes seek to explain things in the simplest terms, it will do a world of good if you check them first.

  • Use these notes to spice up your imagination and think like a scientist. Gifted children with photographic memories may be rare but students who remember things when they see them or watch them happening are quite common. AskIITians tutors present content in an eye-catching manner which makes it easier for you to remember your concepts and enjoy learning Science.

Tell all your friends about these free Science revision notes for Class VI and make a study group where you read them together and discuss them.


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