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Class 6 Maths Revision Notes

Studying Math in Class 6 successfully meaning that children take responsibility for their own learning and learn to apply the concepts and information they learn to solve problems. Class 6 Maths Notes designed by the best online tutors of askIITians aim to do help students fall in love with Mathematics and overcome the fear and dread associated with the subject forever.

Studying Maths is necessary to deal with day-to-day situations. Study with us and you'll find that the subject also helps you in nurturing new dimensions of thinking and strengthening your logical thinking and abstract thinking abilities.

As IITians, our teachers love Maths irrespective of how improbable it seems to students still in Class 6. Study these Math revision notes for Class 6 to see why our teachers think that learning Math can be a happy and stress-free experience.

Class 6 Math Revision notes you'll find here have been designed to groom you for the school-level exams as well as the regional, national and international Math Olympiads. These notes will also lay the right foundation for you if you plan to take the IIT JEE exam after Class 12. 

Class 6 Math Topics

S.No Chapter S.No Chapter

Knowing our Numbers




Whole Numbers


Data Handling


Playing with Numbers




Basic Geometrical Ideas




Understanding Elementary Shapes


Ratio and Proportion








Practical Geometry

When to Study Class 6 Maths Revision Notes?

Refer to our Class VI Math Revision Notes before you start solving problems. These notes do not merely contain formulas and examples but also step-by-step explanations on how to solve different kinds of problems.

You can also go through the notes when you get stuck on a problem. At times, you'll also notice that the notes mention multiple ways of reaching the solution of an individual problem. We suggest you go through all these methods and try to understand how they work. It'll help you expand your mind and push your boundaries and ultimately, gain confidence to try new uncharted paths yourself.

The online teachers who have designed these revision notes are highly qualified and knowledgeable. You can use these notes to learn different principles and verify them. They also mention the major exceptions you need to know.

Most of our Maths revision notes for Class VI are self-explanatory. They include all the definitions, diagrams and concepts that you need to know. However, if you still face problem in understanding something, you can always join the askIITians forum for free and ask anything you want.

We suggest you not to keep these Math revision notes for Class 6 a secret. Share it with your friends, and use them to help each other in solving the problems you find difficult. You might also help your peers on the askIITians forum to solve the Math questions they need help with for some good ‘Karma’.

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