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Solved Examples on P- Block Elements

Question.1 The nitrogen oxide(s) that contains (s) N-N bind (s) is (are)   (IIT JEE)

a. N2O

b. N2O3

c. N2O4

d. N2O5

Answer:  a, b & c


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Question.2 The reactions of P4 with X lead selectively to P4O6. The X is

a. Dry O2

b. A mixture of O2 and N2

c. Moist O2

d. O2 in the presence of aqueous NaOH

Answer: b.

Solution: P4+3O2 +N2 →P4O6

In this reaction N2 acts as diluent and retards the further oxidation.

Question. 3 Among the following compounds, the number of compounds that can react with PCl5 to give POCl3 is O2, CO2, SO2, H2O, H2SO4, P4O10.

Answer: 4


PCl5 + SO2 → POCl3 + SOCl2

PCl5 + H2O → POCl3 + 2HCl

PCl5 + H2SO4 → POCl3 + SOCl2 + 2HCl

6PCl5 + P4O10 →10 POCl

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