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Solved Examples on Structural Organisation in Animals


Brush bordered epithelium is found in [CPMT 1999; JIPMER (Med.) 2001]                                                                                                         

(a)   Fallopian tube      

(b)   Small intestine      

(c)    Oesophagus           

(d)   Trachea

Answer: b


Brush border cells are found in two main locations:

(a) The small intestine tract: This is where absorption takes place. Here these are the site of terminal carbohydrate digestions. The microvilli that constitute the brush border have enzymes known as brush border enzymes for this final part of digestion which is anchored into their apical plasma membrane as integral membrane proteins.

(b) The Kindney: Here the brush border is useful in distinguishing the proximal tubule the distal tubule.

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The epithelium found in the lining layer of stomach and intestine is [J&K CET 2002, AIEEE 2003, CPMT 1989]                                                                                            

(a)   Columnar               

(b)   Squamous              

(c)    Stratified                 

(d)   Pseudostratified

Answer: a


Simple columnar epithelium is present in the stomach and intestine. e.g. located inner lining of gall bladder and bile duct. It also occurs in the gastric gland, intestinal glands, pancreatic lobules, respiratory bronchioles and PCT (Proximal Convoluted Tubules).


The ciliated epithelium in our body may be found in [CBSE PMT 1993; AFMC 1985; BHU 1986; MP PMT 1997; CPMT 1977, 78, 80]                 

(a)   Ureter                      

(b)   Trachea                   

(c)    Bile duct                 

(d)   Uterine tube

Answer: b


Ciliated epithelium is found in the lining of respiratory tract (or the tubes which lead into lungs). It is also found in the fallopian tubes of women.


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