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Solved Examples on Neural Control and Coordination

Question1: Nerve cells do not divide because they do not have [BHU 2005]

(a) Nucleus

(b) Centrosome

(c) Golgi body

(d) Mitochondria

Answer: b


Nerve cells are highly specialized cell which have no power of division because they do not have centrosome.

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Question2: Which part of human brain is concerned with the regulation of body temperature? [CBSE PMT’2009]

(a) Cerebellum

(b) Cerebrum

(c) Hypothalamus

(d) Medulla Oblongata

Answer: c


Hypothalamus part of human brain is concerned with the regulation of body temperature. The hypothalamus is a portion of the brain that contains a number of small nuclei with a variety of functions. The hypothalamus is small cone-shaped structure, projects downward, ending in the pituitary.

Question3: The nerve centres which control the body temperature and the urge for eating are contained in: [CBSE PMT’2010]

(a) Hypothalamus

(b) Pons

(c) Cerebellum

(d) Thalamus

Answer: d


Hypothalamus contains important nerve centres that control the body temperature, thirst, hunger and eating, water balance and sexual function.

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