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Solved Examples – The Living World

1) Which one of the following animals is correctly matched with its particular named taxonomic category? (CBSE PMT’2011)

a) Tiger – tigris, the species

b) Cuttle fish – mollusca, a class

c) Humans – primate, the family

d) Housefly – musca, an order

Answer: a


Tiger and tigris both are from same genus with particular taxonomic category.

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2) Which one of the following aspects is an exclusive characteristic of living things? (CBSE PMT’2011M)

a) Isolated metabolic reactions occur in-vitro

b) Increase in mass from inside only

c) Perception of events happening in the environment and their memory

d) Increase in mass by accumulation of material both on surface as well as internally

Answer: c


All living things have an ability to respond to their environment, which is also called stimulation.

3) Which one of the following organisms is scientifically correctly named, correctly printed according to the International Rules of Nomenclature and correctly described? (CBSE PMT’2012M)

a) Musca domestica – the common house lizard. A reptile

b) Plasmodium falciparum – A protozoan pathogen causing the most serious type of malaria.

c) Felis tigris – The Indian tiger, well protected in Gir forests.

d) E. coli – Full name Entamoeba coli, a commonly occurring bacterium in human intestine.

Answer: c


Plasmodium falciparum – A protozoan pathogen causes the most serious type of malaria that is falciparum malaria.

Musca domestica – House fly, an insect belonging to Arthropoda phylum.

Felis tigris – The Bengali tiger, well protected in Sunderbans (Tiger reserve).

E. coli – Full name Escherichia coli, a commonly occurring bacterium in human intestine.


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