Solved Examples on Cell: The Unit of Life

Question 1: Lignified cell wall is the characteristics feature of [AMU 1998]                                                     

(a)   Phloem                          

(b)   Epidermal cells          

(c)    Cambrial cells             

(d)   Xylem cells

Answer: d


Lignified cell wall is found in vascular tissues of the plants. Lignification of the cell wall is a complex process occurring exclusively in higher plants. The main function of lignified cell wall is to strengthen the plant vascular body. 

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Question2: Cytoplasm of one cell is connected with other through [CPMT 1996; AFMC 1999; AIIMS 2003]                                                                                               

(a)   Cytoplasmic strands

(b)   Plasmodesmata         

(c)    Torus                             

(d)   Pit membrane

Answer: b


Question3: The substance which makes up about 80% of cytoplasm and has unique structure [CPMT 1971, 78, 84 kerala CET (Med.) 2002]                                 

(a)   Proteins                        

(b)   Fats                                 

(c)    Minerals                       

(d)   Water

Answer: d


The cytoplasm consists of cytosol. The cytosol is a complex mixture of cytoskeleton filaments, dissolved molecules, and water that fills much of the volume of a cell.


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