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Solved Examples on Biomolecules

Question1: About 98 percent of the mass of every living organism is composed of just six element including carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and (CBSE PMT’2007)

(a) sulphur and magnesium

(b) magnesium and sodium

(c) calcium and phosphorous

(d) phosphorous and sulphur

Answer: c


It is calcium and phosphorous

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Question2: Carrier ions like Na+ facilitate the absorption of substances like: (CBSE PMT’2010)

(a) amino acids and glucose

(b) glucose and fatty acids

(c) fatty acids and glycerol

(d) fructose and some amino acids

Answer: a


Massive ions like Na+ facilitate the absorption of substances like amino acids and glucose through cotransport.

Question3: The curve given below shows enzymatic activity with relation to three conditions (pH, temperature and substrate concentration). What do the two axis (x and y) represent? (CBSE PMT’2011)


                     x-axis                                y-axis

(a) enzymatic activity                         pH

(b) temperature                               enzyme activity

(c) substrate concentration          enzymatic activity

(d) enzymatic activity                     temperature

Answer: b


In the given curve the temperature and enzyme activity relation is shown.

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