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Solved Examples on Animal Kingdom

1) Frogs differ from humans in possessing: (CBSE PMT’2011M)

a) Paired cerebral hemispheres

b) Hepatic portal system

c) Nucleated red blood cells

d) Thyroid as well as parathyroid

Answer: c


Humans possesses enucleated RBC in mature state. But frog blood has both white and red blood cells which are nucleated. Frog cells do not lack platelets.

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2) Which one of the following has the highest number of species in nature? (CBSE PMT’2011)

a) Fungi

b) Insects

c) Birds

d) Angiosperms

Answer: b


In nature insects have the highest number of species (30 million). Fungi have 100,000 while angiosperms have 260,000 and birds have 10,000 species.

3) Which one of the following kinds of animals are triploblastic? (CBSE PMT’2010)

a) Flat worms

b) Sponges

c) Ctenophores

d) Corals

Answer: a


Triploblastic condition can be seen in flat worms. Ctenophores, sponges and corals are diploblastic.

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