Chapter 17: Symmetry Exercise 17.1

Question: 1

List any four symmetrical objects from your home or school. Also mention the line of symmetry.


A gate A pair of spectacles A glass
(i) A gate  (ii) A green board  (iii) A pair of spectacles (iv) A glass

Question: 2

Identify the symmetrical instruments from your mathematical instrument box.


 A protractor A divider A ruler (scale) A glass A pencil
(i) A protractor  (ii) A divider (iii) A ruler (scale) (iv) A glass (v) A pencil

Question: 3

Copy each of the following on a squared paper and compute then in such a way that the dotted line is the line of symmetry.

Squared paper


Square Paper(i) Square Paper(ii) Square Paper(iii)
(i) (ii) (iii)
Square Paper(iv) Square Paper(v) Square Paper(vi)
(iv)  (v)  (vi) 



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