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Chapter 5: Algebra of Matrices

Algebra of Matrices Exercise 5.1 Q1

We know that if a matrix is of the order m × n. It has mm elements. Thus, to find all the possible orders of a matrix having 8 elements, we have to find all the ordered pairs of natural numbers whose products is 8.

This order pairs are (1 ×8), (8 × 1), (2× 4), (4×2)

(1, 5) and (5, 1) are the order pairs of natural number whose product is 5.

Hence, the possible orders of a matrix having 5 element are 1 × 5 and 5 ×1


Algebra of Matrices Exercise 5.1 Q2

Algebra of Matrices Ex 5.1 Q2


Algebra of Matrices Exercise 5.1 Q3

Algebra of Matrices Ex 5.1 Q3


Algebra of Matrices Exercise 5.1 Q4

Algebra of Matrices Ex 5.1 Q4


Algebra of Matrices Exercise 5.1 Q5

Algebra of Matrices Ex 5.1 Q5


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