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Chapter 28: Straight Line in Space

Coordinates of a point are the real variables associated in an order to describe its location in space. Here we consider the space to be two-dimensional. Through a point O, referred to as the origin, we take two mutually perpendicular lines XOX’ and YOY’ and call them x and y axes respectively. The position of a point is completely determined with reference to these axes of means of an ordered pair of real numbers (x, y) called the coordinates of P where |x| and |y| are the distances of the point P from the y-axis and the x-axis respectively. X is called the x-coordinate or the abscissa of P and y is called the y-coordinate or the ordinate of P. For more details use the links given below:

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Exercises of Straight Line in Space – Class 12th RD Sharma Solutions

Straight Line in Space Exercise 28.1
Straight Line in Space Exercise 28.2
Straight Line in Space Exercise 28.3
Straight Line in Space Exercise 28.4
Straight Line in Space Exercise 28.5

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