Chapter 2: Functions

The second chapter of Class 12 Maths book is about Inverse Trigonometric Functions. It covers the basic concepts as well as the properties of the functions. These functions play an important role in Calculus and the concepts you learn in this chapter will serve you well in science and engineering studies for a long time to come.

RD Sharma textbook will help you understand the concepts and different types of Functions quite well such as Reciprocal Functions, Equal Functions, Square and Cube Functions, Square Root and Cube Root Functions. The RD Sharma Solutions we present for this chapter will help you delve deeper into Arithmetic Function, Constant Function, Many One Function, Onto Function, and Signum Function. The step-by-step solutions to complete exercises of this chapter will help you easily answer questions that are of JEE Main and Advanced levels. For more details use the links given below:

Click here →  Study Material of Functions

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Exercises of Functions – Class 12th R.D. Sharma Solutions

Functions Exercise 2.1
Functions Exercise 2.2
Functions Exercise 2.3

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