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Chapter 1: Relations

In Class 11, we studied what is a relation and the broad terms associated with it – such as range, domain, and co-domain. A Relation symbolizes the relationship between two set of values. The x-values of the ordered pair are referred to as the domain of the set while the y-values are referred to as the range of the set. We can showcase relations as a roster or tabular form or through mapping and graphs.

The solutions of this Chapter cover different types of relations such as functions, equivalence relations, order relations, and transitive relations. There are symmetric and anti-symmetric relations and reflexive relations that are all explained clearly here. If you study this chapter thoroughly, you should be able to identify void relations, universal relations, and identity relations and learn to apply their properties in individual cases.

The chapter explains the properties of relations in clear and concise terms, and includes a lot of examples too. Clearly-solved examples will help you understand different theorems related to the chapter and their applications effectively. Practice the questions from the RD Sharma textbook and then, look at the solutions we offer you to find out the best way to solve each problem. For more details use the links given below:

Click here →  Study Material of Relations

Click here → Revision Notes of Relations

Exercises of Relations – Class 12th R.D. Sharma Solutions

Relations Exercise 1.1
Relations Exercise 1.2



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