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Chapter 1: Real Numbers

Real Numbers

It is basically the restatement of the usual division system. The formal statement for this is-

For each pair of given positive integers a and b, there exist unique whole numbers q and rwhich satisfies the relation

 a = bq + r, 0 ≤ r < b, where q and r can also be Zero.

where ‘a’ is a dividend, ‘b' is divisor, ‘q’ is quotient and ‘r’ is remainder. For more details use the links given below:

Click here → Revision Notes of Real Numbers

Exercises of Real Numbers – Class 10th R.D. Sharma Solutions

Real Numbers Exercise 1.1
Real Numbers Exercise 1. 2
Real Numbers Exercise 1.3
Real Numbers Exercise 1.4
Real Numbers Exercise 1.5
Real Numbers Exercise 1.6

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