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  • Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series
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Class 1 & 2- Perfect genius for Olympiads, Science, Maths, Social, logic, 2nd Edition (box set)

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Kit Contains:

  • 2 workbooks of Mathematical Aptitude

  • 2 workbooks of EVS : Scientific Aptitude + Social Awareness

  • 2 workbooks of English Proficiency

  • 1 workbook of Logic Development

  • 1 Parent Manual (which includes solution of all workbooks)

The parents  manual consists of the product details and the list of skills covered in a tabular format with Performance Tracker cum Recorder. It also has the solutions to all the workbooks. This kit helps in building a strong foundation for National and International Olympiad Examinations. It is not based on the syllabus of a single board but covers all the major boards as a whole.

Perfect Genius Junior kit Online test series for NSO / Science Olympiad- Class 1covers 500+ skills on Scholastic Areas, Social Skills and Emotional Skills, Thinking Skills, Attitudes and Values. It consists of unique and innovative workbooks on 5 areas- which contains Interesting Concepts, Puzzles, Quizzes, Activities, Games,Experiments and Exercises in the form of scientifically designed and integrated worksheets to develop the scholastic and co-scholastic skills of the child. These Worksheets have been designed on the different learning stages likeComprehension, Knowledge, Application, Evaluation,Analysis, and Creation.

Perfect Genius Junior Online test series for National Science Olympiads is India's first multi-coloured product designed on the model of “Assessment for Learning”. This product is aimed at enhancing learning by assessing the student's knowledge, the things she or he needs to learn to improve and extend this knowledge and how the student can best get to that point. Built on the concept of Blooms Taxonomy, this kit provides exciting and innovative worksheets which will engage a child creatively and push him to stretch beyond his normal self.Perfect Genius kit focuses on 5 skill areas that need to be developed or enhanced for the overall development of a child, these are: Scientific Aptitude, Mathematical Aptitude, English Proficiency, Social Awareness, and Logic Development. It isIndia's first Skill Enhancement Product designed and developed by a team of ex-IITians.

  • Complete AIPMT/AIIMS Course and Test Series
  • OFFERED PRICE: Rs. 15,900
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