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Mathematical Olympiad Treasures 1st Edition

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Via Mathematical Olympiad Treasures by Titu, the authors have tried to encourage undergraduate students to think creatively and apply various strategies and techniques to the real world problems. Via this book students can develop a lot of mathematical strategies that will prove useful in the long run. This even encourages the students to express their theories,ideas and conclusions in the written form.

Mathematical Olympiad Treasures presents a combination of ordinary high school exercises, abstract and intricate concepts, and sophisticated problems, in order to prepare students completely for various mathematical competitions, especially the Olympiads. This book contains a wide collection of problems in geometry, algebra, trigonometry,number theory and combinatorics. It starts with the basic concepts, the gradually moves on the problems. All of theseproblems are selected carefully and an extensive discussion of all the solutions is offered. In turn, these are followed by the more complex problems, and so on. The book also contains solutions, and an index to the problems and an index of notations.



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