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IIT Foundation and Olympiad Explorer: Maths (Class - 10) 1st Edition

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The need for IIT Foundation and Olympiad Explorer: Maths (Class - 10) 1st Edition arises from the fact that entrance into professional courses are getting more competitive and tougher, which makes it necessary to start preparing early. Different series of foundation books from the Brain Mapping Academy starts from class six. These cover the central board syllabus for science and maths, ranging across class 6th to class 10th.This series has been specially designed to help students prepare for college entrance exams and Olympiads.

With its clear and systematic presentation, this series helps the students to further clarify the subjects and topics they have learnt in class.The book covers maths for class 10th. With many sample objective and subjective exercises it contains, it familiarizes them with the type of questions they should expect in competitive exams, thus allows them to start practicing early.Every chapter begins with a concept map that introduces them to the topics being covered in them. Once the children go through the chapters, there are several types of exercises that test them and also reinforce the concepts learnt.These exercises are of many different types, including both objective and subjective, and are designed to test the learning capabilities of the students and their ability to put down their understanding of the concepts on paper.These exercises include crossword puzzles, graded exercises, basic practice, brain work that challenge the students, paragraph questions,multiple choice questions, and reasoning and assertion questions.

IIT Foundation and Olympiad Explorer maths class 10 by Brain Mapping Academyhas a combination of different types of questions train the students to think in different ways and shows them varied approaches to problem solving. Hence it helps them prepare for many competitive exams.This book contains past questions from academic contests and competitive exams. It is designed to train students for IIT exams. There a great need for these kind of books because school exams do not prepare students for the kind of questions asked in contests and professional entrance exams.The book will help kids prepare for national or international maths contest and Olympiads, also serving as a foundation for IIT exams.