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Manipal UGET: Revision strategy to help you outshine!

CBSE needs to revise its way of Students EvaluationManipal UGET 2019 is an entrance exam organized by Manipal University formerly known as MAHE i.e. Manipal Academy of Higher Education. Manipal University is a deemed university in Karnataka which also offers quality higher education in various fields like Biomedical, communication and medicine. For this the university has also attained international collaborations with the countries of Germany, Nepal and US.  

Thus, the NRIs and foreign Students may also take UGET 2019 wherein the section shall be made under the seats reserved for PIO card holders, overseas citizens of India (OCI), Non-Resident Indians or NRI sponsored students.

Manipal UGET is undoubtedly a hard nut to crack and so students must refer good quality study material for its preparation. We suggest some points on how one should plan his/her revision. Though there is no thumb rule regarding the appropriate strategy but these points can help you take a note of some minute things which students tend to ignore:

  • Though you must be knowing the paper pattern already, but before you begin with your revision, you must have a look at the type of questions asked in the exam.
  •  If you are left with some portion of syllabus, try to identify if it’s important to cover it on the basis of its weightage in the exam. Else you must commence with your revision.  
  •  You must cover all the five sections as they are equally important.

  • Begin with any two of Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics.

  •  Devote the morning hours to the toughest subject. You may attempt numerical in the afternoon as the afternoon hours are lazy.

  •  Chalk out your revision plan in such a way that you revise at least two subjects on daily basis and also attempt a sample paper daily.

  •  Refer standard study material for the preparation of English and General Aptitude. One just needs to get familiar with the pattern of questions asked in these sections so as to score well.

  •  Previous year papers help in getting acquainted with the trend of questions asked in the exam. They also help in identifying your weak areas so that you can work on them.

  •  Manipal entrance exam 2019 expects the candidates to answer 240 questions in 2 hours 30 minutes. This is not very simple. One needs to have a very good speed in order to attempt the complete paper.  

  •  As you solve a sample paper daily, you must try not to repeat the same mistakes again and again and your speed must also improve.

  •  Mathematics has the highest weightage in exam and hence students must work hard on this section. It is vital to have good conceptual knowledge in order to qualify the exam.

  •  The biggest and the most common mistake committed by students is that they focus on the three subjects and ignore the sections on English and General Aptitude. This is quite risky as your aim should be to attain maximum marks and these sections are the most scoring.

  •  Students are warned not to study a new topic in the revision phase. Even if you try to cover a particular topic, you won’t be able to master it well for the exam.

  •  This is the time to revisit your revision notes, flash cards or the highlighted points. Instead of going through the entire material again you must only revise the important facts and formulae.

  • It is important to memorize the diagrams, facts and formulae as at times you can be lucky to get some direct questions based on the application of some formulae.

  •  Practice is the only mantra to success. Solve as many questions as possible but without using calculators. This will also help in improving your speed.

  •  Since the exam is conducted in online mode, you must have working knowledge of computer. Moreover, students are advised to practice some mock tests on the system so as to get acquainted with the exam.

  •  Instead of trying to solve the question, try to eliminate the options to reach the solution. This is the best approach to crack such entrances.

  •  Note down the points which you are likely to forget. You may revise these points on the last day.

  •  Have faith in yourself. This is extremely important. If you feel that you are not that capable and the exam is really tough, then you have already lost the game. Keep your spirits high.

Be determined, work hard and give it your best shot. It is extremely important to have faith in yourself so that you can give it your best shot!


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