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The Best Technology School in India – IIT Kharagpur

A recent survey done by a research firm IDC and technology magazine DATAQUEST  that included 111 engineering and technology schools found out thatIIT Kharagpur has won the tag of being the best technology school for the third time. It scored 81.9 points on a scale of 100 followed by IIT Delhi at 78.49 points. 

The list was dominated by the 6 eminent IITs and the next four were IIT Roorkee, Madras, Kanpur and Guwahati. IIT Hyderabad though established in 1998 made it to the top ten list and IIT Bombay did not participate. The criteria to judge the best institute were on the basis of the industry interface, quality of teaching by the faculty, IT facilities and research papers, placements.

 IIT Delhi was ranked the highest on the placement records and IIT Kharagpur on the Human Resource (HR) Perception. Out of the 111 IT colleges only 16 reported 100% placement to their students and the colleges were BHU, Orissa Engineering College, BITS Pilani , IIT Kanpur, Bhubaneswar, Institute of Technology and several NITS. 

This survey revealed a drop in the placements from 84% in 2007-08 to 73% in 2009.

IIT Kharagpur Launches Bio-Energy Center

 IIT Kharagpur commences the new Bio-Energy center to start research, technological implementation of conventional and non-conventional energy and teaching. This center would create an industry conjunction to involve in industrial research. 

According to P.K Sinha the Co-founder and Chairman of Z.S Associates the Captains of the industry will have to pay regular fees and also share seminars once the center is launched and starts working. 

This center will help in enhancing the income of the people of the rural areas and will also reduce the carbon footprint. For research partnership the center has already collaborated with the University of California, Berkeley.


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