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How to Balance your Preparation for PMT 2015 and Board examination?

How to Balance your Preparation for PMT 2015 and Board examination?As the dates of the board and the PMT exams are coming nearer; most of the students are in dilemma as whether to focus more on the board or in the NEET (AIPMT) exams?

Board exams are very important as it decides your future prospects in terms of career but by only reading for boards, you cannot secure a good rank in the PMT exam. So, how can you prepare for both the examinations simultaneously?

Since, NEET (AIPMT) requires more in depth knowledge of concepts, hence focusing only on board exam can bring lesser probability where getting a good rank in NEET (AIPMT) can be a difficult task.  Therefore, considering how important both the exams are; you need to balance them equally to score well in both the examinations.

PMT is the Pre Medical Test for aspirants of MBBS/BDS and some other courses. PMT questions are based on more than single concepts whereas the questions in board exams needs assortment of learning concepts as well as memorizing. Moreover, the syllabus for the board and PMT exams are nearly the same, and the only difference is the exam pattern. Where board exam is more subjective, PMT exam is based on objective. In board exam, the questions are based on the knowledge and understanding, whereas in the PMT entrance exam, the questions are more focused on the application and analysis of the particular subject. Hence, students need to be very accurate in solving both the subjective and objective type of questions.

Whenever you read a topic in any subject, just try solving the questions from the corresponding chapter from NCERT. This will help you prepare that topic well for both the exams. Moreover, students are also advised to use the NCERT books as their concept revision tool. Once you are able to solve the questions from the NCERT books, be sure that you have learnt the basic concepts of the chapter clearly. Moreover, once you have covered the NCERT, you may also refer other books for PMT.

Apart from regular studies, students also need to manage and plan their time for both the examinations simultaneously. They need to calculate and divide their time for each subject. If a student studies biology for 3 hours in a day, he/she should spend 2 hours in studying the subject thoroughly and can keep the remaining 1 hour for practicing the objective questions from different books and study materials.  Students are also recommended to make a note of difficult terms and revise them thoroughly to get a good grasp on them.  

If a student studies regularly and manages the time accordingly; he will sure be able to balance his/her preparation for PMT 2015 and board examination and excel in both the examinations. 

All the Best!

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