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JEE Main 2018: Opening and Closing Ranks


JEE Main Opening and Closing rankJEE Main 2018 Opening and Closing Ranks of a particular branch or course in an institute will reveal the score-range and rank-range of students that have been admitted to the program and the institute. For a student who appears for JEE Main their All India Rank and the cut-off scores by different colleges play a vital role in making or breaking their future. As it is on the basis of their rank only, they will be entitled to get an admission in these prestigious colleges. 

Students will get admission in which college and which branch depends on the Opening and the closing Rank. By Opening rank I mean the rank that is mentioned in the beginning of the cut-off list and is the highest rank/ cut-off score accepted by the colleges. And the closing rank means the last rank/ cut-off score that is accepted by the participating colleges. It is the lowest of all. Students who have scored less than the ‘Closing Rank’ will not be considered for the admission in any of the participating colleges. 

These scores are usually published on the official website of the colleges as and when they are declared. Once, the applications are received and still there are some vacant seats, then the second cut-off list is issued by the institutes. The rank or the cut-off score will be slightly lesser than the first cut-off list and even after this there are some vacant seats, then the third list is issued. This is known as counselling sessions and with each subsequent counselling session, the rank comes down. At times, after the third round, spot rounds and extra spot rounds are also held by the institutes.

JEE Main Colleges Cut-Off 2018

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JEE Main Colleges Cut-Off 2017


Opening Rank 

Closing Rank 

NIT Puducherry 5377 22276
AB Vajpayee IIITM, Gwalior 3419 20927
BIT Deoghar 8290 39292
BIT PATNA 16775 28684
BIT Ranchi  4818 13285
Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar NIT, Jalandhar 4303 22540
Faculty of Engg. Haridwar 1170 36709
IIIT Allahabad 109 14757
IIIT Design & Manuf., Tamil Nadu  1542 17503
Indian Institute of Eng. Science & Tech., Shibpur 7982 30886
IIIT Nagpur 15794 8135
IIIT Pune 6060 6558
Indian Institute of Information Tech. Design & Manuf. Kurnool, AP (Andhra Pradesh) 10736 12639
IIIT Srirangam, Tiruchirappalli 18473 31157
NIT Calicut  470 17731
NIT Delhi 707 13423
NIT Durgapur  7376 21206
NIT Goa 2574 18383
NIT Hamirpur 5200 12743
NIT Jamshedpur  3318 13041
NIT Kurukshetra 874 8916
NIT Manipur 10577 38742
NIT Meghalaya 12185 34830
NIT Mizoram 8929 34658
NIT Nagaland 12466 40511
NIT Patna 6861 18903
NIT Raipur  7280 17664
NIT Rourkela  1005 6091
NIT Sikkim 9446 31946
NIT Silchar  2797 15557
NIT Srinagar 3411 29643
NIT Surathkal  11 4468
NIT Tiruchirappalli 1056 15416
NIT Uttarakhand 5535 19466
NIT Warangal 33 2100
NIT Agartala 4080 25737

JEE Main Colleges Cut-Off 2016

Colleges Name

Opening Rank

Closing Rank

AB Vajpayee IIIT and Management, Gwalior

3419 20927

Birla Institute of Technology, Patna

16775 28684

Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi

4818 13285

Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar NIT, Jalandhar

4303 22540

Faculty of Engg, Haridwar

1170 36709


1542 17503

IIIT, Allahabad

109 14757

IIIT, Amethi

4915 18857

Malaviya NIT, Jaipur

162 5081

Maulana Azad NIT, Bhopal

1152 8839

Motilal Nehru NIT, Allahabad

1105 8072

NIT, Surathkal

11 4468

NIT, Agartala

4080 25737

NIT, Calicut

470 17731

NIT, Delhi

707 13423

NIT, Durgapur

7376 21206

NIT, Goa

2574 18383

NIT, Hamirpur

5200 12743

NIT, Jamshedpur

3318 13041

NIT, Kurukshetra

874 8916

NIT, Manipur

10577 38742

NIT, Meghalaya

12185 34830

NIT, Mizoram

8929 34658

NIT, Nagaland

12466 40511

NIT, Patna

6861 18903

NIT, Puducherry

5377 22276

NIT, Raipur

7280 17664

NIT, Rourkela

1005 6091

NIT, Sikkim

9446 31946

NIT, Silchar

2797 15557

NIT, Tiruchirappalli

1056 15416

NIT, Uttarakhand

5535 19466

NIT, Warangal

33 2100

NIT, Srinagar

3411 29643

JEE Main Opening and Closing Rank – JEE Main 2014

JEE Main 2014: Opening and Closing Rank of Round 1

JEE Main 2014: Opening and Closing Rank of Round 2

JEE Main 2014: Opening and Closing Rank of Round 3

JEE Main 2014: Opening and Closing Rank of Round 4

JEE Main 2014: Opening and Closing Rank of Spot Round

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